Productions & Services

I specialize in music composition and audio production. My area of expertise focuses on
working with digital media using cutting edge software and hardware during the various
stages of audio production. Some of the services I can provide include:

Composition & Sound Design:

- Film Scoring

- Music for theatre

- Music for dance performances

- Music for TV & Radio

- Music for new media including websites, Flash applications etc.

- Sound Design for video games, ringtones etc.


Designing Ringtones:

Metal Xylophonoid


Monitor Calling


Audio Production:

- Audio Editing

- Micro Editing

- Recording

- Mixing

- Mastering

- Sound Engineering for live concerts and corporate events


Audio Restoration: 

- Clip and Click removal

- Noise and hum removal

- Digitization of vinyls and cassettes

Audio restoration of an excerpt from a flute recording captured from vinyl:





AV Services: 

- Powerpoint setup

- Lighting setup

- Video conferencing setup (Polycom, Skype, Webex etc.)

- Recording

- Filming

- Video Editing

- Photo Editing

  Audiovisual coverage in conferences and corporate events



Tuition on music technology and audio processing with Logic Pro, Max/MSP and various plug-ins and DAW's.



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